M8194A AWG, 2 Channels, 120 GSa/s UP TO 50GHZ , 8 BIT VERT RES

Products: M8194A AWG, 2 Channels, 120 GSa/s UP TO 50GHZ , 8 BIT VERT RES


Part of Keysight’s arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) M8100 series, the Keysight M8194A provides a new level of stimulus performance for producing challenging formats such as 64 GBaud/64QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) and other wideband modulation schemes.
Currently, Keysight’s fastest AWG at a 120 GSa/s sample rate on four channels simultaneously, the M8194A delivers the highest bandwidth and best ENOB for cleanest signal generation. In addition to best-in-class instrument functionality, the M8194A offers flexibility, without complexity, in single or multi-channel operation.
The perfect solution to test diverse optical systems, from discrete components like optical power amplifiers to more complex dual polarization systems, the Keysight M8194A, a new class of generator, is here to provide precision, high-speed and flexibility to meet the challenges of the difficult 400GE and 1 Terabit applications.
Keysight M8194A – Features and Specifications:
Enable optimized channel density through 1, 2 or 4 differential channels on a 1-slot AXIe module
High-speed 120 GSa/s simultaneously on 4 channels
8-bit vertical resolution
512 kSamples per channel
Arbitrary signal generation with output frequency up to 50 GHz
Accurately stimulates multilane high-speed interfaces with high-channel density
Perfect for testing optical power amplifiers, and even optical modulators or optical receivers


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