MAVOWATT 210 Data Logger for Energy and Power Quality

Products: MAVOWATT 210 Data Logger for Energy and Power Quality


The MAVOWATT 210 acquires all relevant measured quantities which are decisive for assuring the quality of electrical supply power. The instrument is a bidirectional power meter and measurement is performed at both the power utility side and the consumer side on the basis of power flow for use in alternative energy applications.

Power quality problems such as voltage dips, voltage sags, supply voltage surges and voltage interruptions can be detected using IEC 61000-4-30 1/2 cycles methods. Harmonic (Vthd & Ithd only) are measured and recorded using the methods of IEEE 519-2014 / IEC 61000-4-7.

The web server integrated into the MAVOWATT 210 facilitates configuration of the instrument and makes it possible to check data in real time (remote control). The web server can be accessed via the network using any commercially available terminal device.

Data can be exported via the integrated USB port or downloaded via a web browser for external analysis with Dran-View.

Logged events can then be conveniently analyzed, compared, contrasted and clearly presented in reports using Dran-View XP software. 


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