MG3692C 2 GHz – 20 GHz, Signal Generator, 2.92 mm K(f)

Products: MG3692C 2 GHz – 20 GHz, Signal Generator, 2.92 mm K(f)


The Anritsu MG3692C is the ‘ideal microwave signal generator’, offering unsurpassed frequency coverage, the lowest phase noise, leveled output power, spectral purity, switching speed, modulation performance, size, upgradeability, reliability, and service. The MG3692C is configurable for a broad range of applications from R&D to manufacturing and depot repair. The Anritsu MG3692C microwave signal generator offers a frequency range from 2 GHz to 20 GHz.
Anritsu MG3692C – Specifications:
Twenty independent, presettable CW frequencies (F0 – F9 and M0 – M9)
Same as internal or external 10 MHz time base
Internal Time Base Stability:

– With Aging:
< 2 x 10–9/day (< 5 x 10–10/day with Option 16)
– With Temperature:
< 2 x 10–8/deg C over 0 ºC to 55 ºC (< 2 x 10–10/deg C with Option 16)
0.01 Hz
Internal Time Base Calibration:
The internal time base can be calibrated via the System Cal menu to match an external reference (10 MHz ± 50 Hz)
External 10 MHz Reference Input:
Accepts external 10 MHz ± 50 Hz (typical), 0 to +20 dBm time base signal. Automatically disconnects the internal high-stability time-base option, if installed. BNC, rear panel, 50 O impedance. Selectable Bandwidth for best phase noise immunity or best phase tracking performance
10 MHz Reference Output:
1 Vp-p into 50 O, AC coupled. Rear panel BNC; 50 O impedance
Phase Offset:
Adjustable in 0.1-degree steps
Electronic Frequency Control (EFC) Input:
–4V to +4V input range; 8 x 10–8.Fout Hz/V sensitivity (typical); = 250 Hz Modulation BW; Rear panel BNC; High Impedance


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