V2 Fiber Blowing Machine for 2,4-16mm Cable

Products: V2 Fiber Blowing Machine for 2,4-16mm Cable


Jetting V2 Fiber Blowing Machine for Cable 2.4 – 16 mm / Duct 7-50 mm. – Prepared for JetLogger Electronic Documentation System (optional).

Robust and compact pneumatic operated double motor fiber blowing machine with the unique Joystick controller securing optimal control of the installation.
This machine can be configurated from 2,4 to 16 mm cable and 7 to 50 mm duct. Anodized aluminum construction makes this machine both lightweight and easy to maintain.
Electronic counter for speed and distance, gentle operation with 450 mm belt length and display for speed, distance and pressure in duct.

Technical Data:
Max pressure: 16 Bar
Pushing force: Up to 550 N
Cable diameter: 2,4 – 16 mm
Duct diameter: 7 – 50 mm
Air connection: 3/4 “ Claw connector


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