MSO9254A 4+16 channel 2.5 GHz, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Products: MSO9254A 4+16 channel 2.5 GHz, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope


The Keysight MSO9254A is a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope that has impressive measurement capabilities and belongs to the Infiniium series of the manufacturer.
The Key Specifications of the Keysight MSO9254A Oscilloscope include:
2.5 GHz
Analog Channels:
Digital Channels:
Maximum sample rate:
20 GSa/sec.
Memory depth:
10 Mpts on 4 channels, can go up to 1 Gpts on 2 channels
This Keysight Mixed Signal Oscilloscope is a three-in-one product:

1. Scope:
The powerful features of the oscilloscopes with InfiniiScan advanced triggering coupled with superior specifications offers precise – signal representation.
2. Logic Analyzer:
16 fast, deep-memory digital channels allow you to see critical data values and timing relationships.
3. Protocol analyzer:
Choose integrated protocol viewers to quickly drill down into packets and time correlate between protocol and physical layers.


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