MSOX2024A 4+8 channel 200MHz, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Products: MSOX2024A 4+8 channel 200MHz, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope


Featuring breakthrough technology at affordable prices, the Keysight MSOX2024A is a one-of-a-kind oscilloscope with a large screen that allows technicians to see signals for longer durations.
Combining the capabilities of five instruments in one, its memory and bandwidth are easily upgradable as per requirement. Equipped with the MegaZoom IV custom ASIC technology, the MSOX2024A can deliver up to 200,000 waveforms per second, which enables you to track infrequent abnormalities. Its WaveGen built-in 20 MHz function generator offers signal modulation capabilities, making it ideal for educational purposes and design labs.
Keysight MSOX2024A Features and Specifications8.5-inch capacitive touch display
3-digit digital voltmeter (DVM)
Maximum sample rate:
1GSa/s per channel; 2 GSa/s, half channel interleaved mode
Waveform update rate:
200,000 waveforms per second
Maximum memory depth:
1 Mpt per channel (standard)
Digital channels:
Eight (MSO models or upgrade)
The Keysight MSOX2024A is available for rent from Rentaltec


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