MTS-8000 V2 with OSA-500 High Perf. DWDM, FC/PC

Products: MTS-8000 V2 with OSA-500 High Perf. DWDM, FC/PC


The Module:
VIAVI offers a full range of OSAs tailored for spectral measurements in CWDM systems in the access network as well as DWDM systems in high-speed backbone networks with datarates up to 40Gbps or 100Gbps. The range features an OSA for ROADM testing-based systems, providing true OSNR measurements based on VIAVI’s unique in-band OSNR method.

OSA-500R/500RS with in-band OSNR method to measure the true in-band OSNR in ROADM-based systems.
InBand OSNR measurement time is significantly reduced using a fast polarization controller.
Internal online wavelength calibration guarantees highest wavelength accuracy and requires no recalibration, thus significantly reducing service costs.
High filter selectivity and lab optical performance over the full band, from 1250 to 1650nm, in a field-modular design.

Measurement of the true in-band OSNR in Agile Optical networks including ROADM testing and dispersion compensating modules.
DWDM and CWDM system testing during installation, maintenance, and network upgrade.
Automated DWDM passive and active component testing.
System verification testing according to the customer’s preset limits.
Verification of ROADM configurations in Agile Optical Networks.
Full-band optical spectrum analyzer for the ONT platform, MTS-8000 / T-BERD 8000, MTS-6000 / T-BERD 6000.

Key Features
New Optical Polarization Splitting method (OPS-method, VIAVI pat pending) for measuring the true in-band OSNR in ROADM based networks.
Future-proof design with a wide tuning range of 1250 to 1650 nm that is suitable for all optical DWDM and CWDM (Metro) networks up to 100GBps.
Channel drop option for troubleshooting and fault location. lsolation of a single channel out of the entire spectrum for further in-depth signal analysis with BERT or a Q-factor meter.
Software option for PMD testing based on the fixed analyzer PMD test method.
Built-in optical component test applications for laser diodes, LEDs, and optical amplifiers.

The Mainframe:
Based on the award winning VIAVI T-BERD/MTS-8000 platform covering installation, maintenance and troubleshooting testing needs of any optical networks, the T-BERD/MTS-8000 V2 meets next generation network challenges with additional fiber inspection & test, ROADM and 40G / 100G test capabilities.

Future ready to keep ahead of technology curve: from traditional fiber and BERT testing to advanced high speed ROADM testing and 40G / 100G service activation, maintenance and troubleshooting.
Scales as your network scales: mix and match over 40 apps and hundreds of test configurations to meet your exact needs.
Cuts down testing and post-processing time: boosted processing power, built-in pass/fail functionality and automated test scripts drive best practices and close-out reports in PDF format.
Connects everywhere from anywhere: 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet.
Remotely coach and support field techs with Smart Access Anywhere (SAA).

Enables optical connector inspection and full fiber characterization withOTDR, IL, ORL, CD, PMD and AP.
Tests and troubleshoot WDM systems and ROADM networks with Optical Spectrum & Correlation Analyzers.
Tests and troubleshoots converged Ethernet/IP networks at 10 Mbps to 100 Gpbs interfaces and captures and analyzes packets.
Tests Layer 1-3 Ethernet/IP SLAs with an automated, enhanced RFC 2544/SAMComplete per ITU-T Y.1564.
Tests TDM/PDH to SONET/SDH at OC-3/STM-1 to OC-192/STM-64, including service disruption measurements and path overhead (POH) capture with triggers.
Measures PMD on live traffic and tests in-band OSNR in DWDM/ROADM systems with In-Service PMD.
Enables installation and maintenance of OTN networks up to 11.1 Gbps andOTU4 with full 100 Gpbs client.
Supports 1/2/4/8/10 Gpbs FC for installation and maintenance of SANs and low-latency circuits.

Key Features
10.4 inch high-visibility touch screen display.
High-speed PowerPC processor, rugged SATA solid-state hard disk and latest high-capacity Li Ion battery technologies.
1G Ethernet, Wireless connectivity (3G, Wifi, Bluetooth) and four USB interfaces.
Built-in optical options including power meter, VFL and talk set.
Automated connector inspection with IEC pass/fail analysis.
Compatible with T-BERD/MTS 6000 test modules.


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