N1000A DCA-X Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Mainframe

Products: N1000A DCA-X Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Mainframe


Flexible, modular, mainframe platform by selecting from a variety of plug-in modules that perform precision optical, electrical, and TDR/TDT measurements• DCA-X platform consists of a mainframe and a wide variety of modules for flexible testing.
• The consistency and flexibility of the DCA-X series ensure high accuracy in any measurement.
• Supports today’s modules plus older, discontinued optical, electrical, and TDR modules to help protect your investment from obsolescence.
• Test bandwidth to > 110 GHz, jitter as low as 50 fs, and noise as low as 275 uV.
• Sample rates are up to 250 kSa/s and support up to 16 channels for high test throughput.
• Customize with plug-in modules for precision optical, electrical, and / or TDR / TDT / S-parameter analysis.


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