N1055A-54F 50 GHz BW, 4 Channel, 1.85 mm, Female

Products: N1055A-54F 50 GHz BW, 4 Channel, 1.85 mm, Female


New digital designs make signal integrity more challenging. That’s why the Keysight N1055A remote head module is designed to provide fast and accurate impedance and S-parameter measurements on high-speed designs with up to 16 ports. Configure your DCA-X oscilloscope mainframe with one to four N1055A time-domain reflectometry (TDR) / time-domain transmission (TDT) modules for an economical solution.  • bandwidth options:
35 or 50 GHz (upgradeable)
• edge speed (10-90%, typical):
18 ps (35 GHz) or 7 ps (50 GHz)
• channel options:
2 or 4 per module (upgradeable) with independent skew control and up to 16 channels per
• ultra-thin remote head:
1.27 m phase-stable cable, 2.92 mm (35 GHz), or 1.85 mm (50 GHz) connectors and integrated 67 GHz diode limiters for ESD/EOS protection
• TDR fixture de-embedding removes effects of fixtures, cables, or probes connected between remote heads and DUT


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