N2752A 6 GHz Active Differential Probe

Products: N2752A 6 GHz Active Differential Probe


The N2752A InfiniiMode differential probe is a new generation of low-cost differential active probes compatible with Keysight InfiniiVision and Infiniium oscilloscopes’ AutoProbe interface. It comes with new operation modes and convenient measurements of differential, single-ended, and common mode signals with a single probe tip, without reconnecting the probe to change the connection. The N2752A probe’s InfiniiMode provides the following modes of operation.

A – B (differential)
A – ground (single-ended A)
B – ground (single-ended B)
(A+B)/2 – ground (common mode)

Bandwidth: 6 GHz
Attenuation ratio: 2:1 or 10:1 (switchable)
Dynamic range: ± 5 V or 10 Vpp (at 10:1), ± 1 V or 2 Vpp (at 2:1)
DC offset range: ± 15 V
Maximum input voltage: 30 V DC + peak AC
Input Impedance:
Differential input R: 200 k?
Single-ended input R: 100 k?
Common mode input R: 50 k?
Input C: 700 fF (with browser)


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