N2780B 500A AC/DC, 2MHz Current probe,

Products: N2780B 500A AC/DC, 2MHz Current probe,


Accurately measure AC and DC currents with the Keysight N2780B current probe, compatible with any oscilloscope that has high impedance BNC input.
The Keysight N2780B can make accurate AC or DC current measurements of up to 500A rms (continuous) using a hybrid technology consisting of a hall-effect sensor and an AC current transformer. With flat frequency response, low noise, and low insertion loss, the probe can effectively measure the steady state or transient current of motor drive, switching power supplies, and inverters.
It is also suitable for measurements in controllers, disk drives, LCD displays, electronic ballast, and current amplifier driving inductive loads.
Keysight N2780B Features and Specifications:
Flat bandwidth:
DC to 2MHz; maximum current:
500A rms
Rise time:
175ns or less
Maximum peak current (non-continuous):
700A peak
Lowest measurable current (at plus/-3 percent accuracy at DC, scope set to 1 mV/div and high-resolution mode on):
Output voltage rate:
0.01 V/A (100:
Maximum rated power:
7.2VA (with rated current)
Rated supply voltage:
DC plus/-12V plus/-0.5V
Overload protect function to prevent probe damage at excessive input
Demagnetize button to remove any residual magnetism built up in the magnetic core
Compatible with Series 1,000, 2,000 X-, 3,000 X-, 4,000 X-, 5,000, 6,000, 7,000, 8,000, and 9,000 oscilloscopes.
The Keysight N2780B current probe is available for rent,


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