N5181A-506 100 kHz – 6 GHz MXG Analog Signal Generator, Type N (f)

Products: N5181A-506 100 kHz – 6 GHz MXG Analog Signal Generator, Type N (f)


The Keysight N5182A-506 is part of a special sales promotion therefore it is not available for Accuplus Free Finance program. The N5182A-506 comes with a 90-day warranty, Additional warranty available for purchase, additional software options may also be available for purchase. These N5182A-506 is not available to dealers/resellers or other test equipment rental companies.
Featuring fast frequency and amplitude switching, high reliability, and simplified self-maintenance – all in two rack units (2RU) – Keysight MXG analog is optimized to provide accurate and repeatable reference signals in manufacturing. Keysight MXG analog provides better value for your investment by increasing throughput, maximizing uptime, and saving rack space. With scalable RF performance, the Keysight MXG analog is easily configured to meet your specific test needs, including LO and clock substitution, CW interferers, and modulated signals for analog communication systems such as AM, FM, and Phase Modulation.Frequency ranges -250 kHz to 6 GHz with 0.01 Hz resolution
Fast switching speeds -< 1.2 ms in SCPI mode; simultaneous frequency and amplitude switching at < 900 micros in list mode
Maximize uptime -Simplified self-maintenance enables calibration in less than 1 hour and repairs in 30 minutes using field-replaceable assemblies
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