N5194A-520 50 MHz – 20 GHz UXG Agile Vector Adapter

Products: N5194A-520 50 MHz – 20 GHz UXG Agile Vector Adapter


Achieve the industry’s highest level of fidelity with the Keysight N5194A-520 20GHz UXG Agile Vector Adapter. Effectively generate complex IQ defined modulation on pulsed signals and efficiently simulate complex signal environments for radar and EW with greater realism and confidence with the N5194A-520.
The N5194A-520 can quickly adapt to provide multiple channel and port configurations and is coherent across various sources with configurations of amplitude, phase, and time.
Keysight N5194A-520 Features and Specifications:
Specified range:
50MHz to 20GHz
Tunable range:
10MHz to 20GHz
CW frequency resolution:
Two Gsample/second digital baseband generation system
Produce wideband signals (up to 1.6GHz bandwidth)
Frequency, amplitude, and phase switching speed of 170 ns
The Keysight N5194A-520 UXG Agile Vector Adapter is available for rent at Rentaltec


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