N5242B-219 2-port, 10 MHz – 26.5 GHz PNA-X Network Analyzer, 3.5 mm (m)

Products: N5242B-219 2-port, 10 MHz – 26.5 GHz PNA-X Network Analyzer, 3.5 mm (m)


The Keysight N5242B-219 is the world’s most integrated and flexible microwave test device for measuring active devices, such as amplifiers, mixers, and frequency converters. Use the compact N5242B-219 two-port network analyzer to free up more space at test stations and replace stacks of equipment.
The N5242B-219 offers powerful and versatile solutions for microwave testing for frequencies above 10GHz. Get tests done in less time and achieve faster and improved insights into component behavior with the N5242B network analyzer’s integrity and flexibility. Accurately test linear and nonlinear device characterization with advanced error correction.
Applications include S-parameter measurements, gain compression, noise-figure measurements, X-parameters and balance measurements, pulsed RF, and IMD.
Keysight N5242B-219 Features and Specifications:
Two-port standard test set (includes six front-panel access loops), power range, source and receiver attenuators (extended power range), and bias tees
Maximum frequency:
Dynamic range:
127 dB
Power resolution:
0.01 dB
Minimum settable power:
-95 dB
Output power 13 dBm
Trace noise 0.002 dBrms
Harmonics -60 dBc noise floor -114 dBm
Best speed at 201 point, 1 sweep 6 ms
The Keysight N5242B-219 2-port, 26.5GHz PNA-X network analyzer is available for rent at Rentaltec


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