P7350 5 GHz Differential Probe

Products: P7350 5 GHz Differential Probe


The Tektronix P7350 is a high fidelity test probe that allows you to conduct rapid differential probing by providing high clock speeds and edge rates.
The key specifications of the P7350 include the following:
<100 ps rise time guaranteed
5 GHz to 3.5 GHz bandwidths (typical)
Low input capacitance:
& debug of technologies with very fast clock speeds and edge rates. They provide high-bandwidth, low circuit loading, low noise differential probing solutions for high-speed circuit designers. The Tektronix P7350 improves usability with variable spacing and solder down capability, and a small form factor for ease of use on densely packed circuit boards with difficult-to-reach probe points. It employs the patented TekConnect(R) Interface, which preserves signal integrity to 10 GHz and beyond to meet present and future bandwidth needs.
The Tektronix P7350 is available for rent and purchase at


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