PROFITEST H+E BASE Electric Charging Stations Tester

Products: PROFITEST H+E BASE Electric Charging Stations Tester


The test instrument is intended for examining the functional performance of charging stations with type 2 connector socket (mode 3 charging).

The test instrument is connected to the charging station to this end, in order to document communication between the charging station and the test instrument. If the charging process doesn’t start, the source of error can be quickly pinpointed. The PROFITEST H+E BASE is suitable for use in R&D and service applications.

Complete diagnosis of electric charging stations with a single test instrument:

  • Vehicle states
  • Cable condition
  • Error states
  • PWM signal evaluation
  • Phases and phase sequence
  • Battery level

Error simulations:

  • Short-circuiting of the diode in the vehicle’s circuit
  • Short-circuit between CP and PE
  • Testing of the RCD by tripping and measuring breaking time


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