Profitest Prime Electric Effectiveness Tester

Products: Profitest Prime Electric Effectiveness Tester


The PROFITEST PRIME makes your investment decision easy because standards-compliant testing can be conducted on electrical installations per IEC 60364-6 and DIN EN 50110-1, on machines and systems per DIN EN 60204-1 and DIN EN 61439-1, on PV systems per DIN EN 62446 and on electric charging stations per IEC 61851-1 with the accessories which are perfectly matched to the requirements.

Product Highlights

  • Measurement in AC/DC systems
  • Measurement of internal system resistance and fault loop resistance with high test current up to 690 V AC / 800 V DC without tripping RCD types A and B
  • Low-resistance measurement for protective and equipotential bonding conductors with 200 mA, as well as automatic polarity reversal and 25 A
  • Testing of RCD types A, AC, F, B, B+, EV, MI and G/R, as well as SRCDs and PRCDs
  • Combined RCD test with continuously rising ramp, time to trip, tripping current
  • Insulation measurement up to 1000 V with rising ramp
  • Testing of RCMs and IMDs
  • Measurement of leakage and differential current
  • Measurement of temperature and humidity
  • Voltage measurement, 1000 V AC/DC
  • Mains and battery operation (with limited functionality)
  • Bluetooth and USB interfaces
  • Push-print function – transmission of the measured value after measurement


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