Profitest PV Peak Power Measuring Instrument

Products: Profitest PV Peak Power Measuring Instrument


Peak power measuring instrument and characteristic curve tracer for photovoltaic systems

With auto-ranging up to 1000 V / 20 A / 20 kW

Connect > Switch On > Start Measurement > Read Results > Done!

With the help of a patented process, the instrument is capable of ascertaining peak power, internal series resistance and internal parallel resistance directly on-site “with only one measurement and without entering module data”, which are then indicated at a high resolution color graphic touch-screen which is suitable for use in sunlight.

Troubleshooting in PV systems, as well as documentation of system quality, are executed quickly and economically during initial start-up and subsequent testing without a long learning curve.

This simple yet decisive test assures safety for the customer and eliminates consequential costs for the installer.

Measured peak power can, for example, also be used in order to determine peak ratio. Beyond this, acquired characteristic curves make it possible to draw further conclusions regarding the electrical characteristics of the measured module or string. And thus the tester is also suitable for use in research and development.


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