SMW200A Vector Signal Generator, 100kHz – 31.8GHz

Products: SMW200A Vector Signal Generator, 100kHz – 31.8GHz


Performance and functionality requirements vary depending on test setup and application. The R&S®SMW200A is unrivaled in mastering  these varied requirements and sets new standards for signal generators. When developing and verifying any type of DUT, including components, modules and complete base stations – the R&S®SMW200A easily generates the appropriate test signals with top performance. The R&S®SMW200A has a flexible modular design that can be equipped with exactly options that applications require. Any configuration is possible, from a classic single-path vector signal generator to a multichannel MIMO receiver tester

  • Frequency range up to 67 GHz (dual path: up to 44 GHz)
  • 2 GHz modulation bandwidth  
  • Integrated fading with up to 800 MHz bandwidth and up to 8×8 MIMO  
  • Signal generation for all major digital communications standards
  • Advanced GNSS and radar simulator


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