Stabilock 2305 TETRA Test Set

Stabilock 2305 TETRA Test Set
Viavi Stabilock 2305 TETRA Test Set


Field service proven due to:
low weight (< 4 kg)
battery option
large and high contrast screen
RF signals over joint or separate RF ports

TETRA test signals:

Transmitter measurements:
RF power
Carrier frequency offset
Burst power profile over time (for mobile stations)
Timing error (for mobile stations)
Residual carrier power
Error vector magnitude (RMS, peak)
Modulation spectrum
Constellation diagram

Receiver measurements:
Single ended and loopback Bit Error Rate (BER) and Message Erasure Rate (MER)
Test signals: T1 with TCH7.2, TCH2.4, SCH/F, with and without Frame 18
Paging sensitivity (for mobile stations)


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