TDS420A 4 Ch 200 MHz Digital Oscilloscope

Products: TDS420A 4 Ch 200 MHz Digital Oscilloscope


The highly featured, portable and easy to use TDS420A, 430A and 460A personal lab scopes are ideal for simple to complex applications, including electro-mechanical research and analysis, power electronics/power supply design, bio-physical research and analysis, and digital and analog design. With its standard video trigger capability, the scopes are ideal instruments for measuring video signals including NTSC, PAL and SECAM. Features
Be Confident You Are Seeing Actual Signals with up to 400 MHz Bandwidth and & /- 1.5%; Accuracy
Capture Transient Events to the Full Scope Bandwidth with Its 100 MS/s Sample Rate
2 and 4 Channels
Record Lengths to 120 K (Opt.XL)
Floppy Disk Storage
Speed Up Your Circuit Analysis with 25 Built-in Automatic Measurements and Extended Waveform Math/FFT (Opt. XL)
Roll Mode Allows You to See Acquired Data Points Without Waiting for the Acquisition of the Complete Waveform
Use the Video Trigger Mode to See NTSC, PAL, SECAM Signals or Your Own Custom Video Signals
Capture Those Glitches with the 10ns Peak Detect Mode
Differential MeasurementsADA400A Analog Differential Amplifier (10 uV/div sensitivity)
P5200/P5205/P5210 High Voltage Differential Probes (up to 5600 V) for Floating Measurements


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