TDS684C 4 Ch 1 GHz Digital Oscilloscope

Products: TDS684C 4 Ch 1 GHz Digital Oscilloscope


The TDS600C oscilloscopes incorporate triggering on Glitches, Slew Rate violations, Setup-and-hold Time violations, Timeouts, Logic Patterns and States on four channels. For applications where multi-channel debugging is required, they can be configured for cross triggering with a Tektronix TLA700 Logic Analyzer. The TDS600C oscilloscopes give a total solution to your digital design characterization and debugging need by allowing the user to verify design margins, characterize setup-and-hold times and measure clock-to-data skew on the fastest digital designs. The Tektronix TDS600C Digital Oscilloscope offers 29 automatic measurements, with measurement statistics, to make design verification and characterization job faster and easier. Available Java-based application packages for jitter analysis, disk drive measurements and processor specification measurements provide customized measurements and analysis capability.


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