TDS784D 4 Ch 1 GHz Digital Oscilloscope

Products: TDS784D 4 Ch 1 GHz Digital Oscilloscope


The TDS784D Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope (DPO) delivers a level of insight that makes dealing with complex signals elementary. DPOs capture, store, display and analyze, in real time, three dimensions of signal information:
amplitude, time and distribution of amplitude over time. The benefit of this third dimension of information is an interpretation of the signal dynamics, including instantaneous changes and the frequency of occurrence displayed in the form of quantitative intensity information. The resulting display enables the user’s eye to integrate the subtle patterns and variations of actual signal behavior. Extensive user interface design has made the TDS784D truly intuitive to operate. Its familiar front panel layout offers dedicated vertical, horizontal and trigger controls. A graphical user interface with over 200 icons helps facilitate understanding and use of the advanced features. A color monitor helps rapidly distinguish between multiple waveforms and measurements. Online help provides a convenient built-in reference manual.


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