TDSUSBF USB Test Fixture

Products: TDSUSBF USB Test Fixture


Use the Tektronix TDSUBF with the TDSUSB Universal Serial Bus (USB 2.0) Compliance Test Package. This compliance test fixture helps deliver high-end compliance measurements for the TDSUSB 2.0, to measure both high and low speed quality. The Tektronix TDSUBF supports droop, receiver sensitivity, inrush, packet parameter, reset, resume, and impedance measurements.
Tektronix TDSUBF – Features and Specifications:
Input voltage rating of plus 5.0 V DC, plus or minus 0.25 V
Typical power consumption 1W
Fuse rating – 0.5A, 60V
Operating temperatures 15 degrees Celsius – 35 degrees Celsius
The TDSUSBF USB Test Fixture kit includes a receptacle upgrade for the TDSUSBF product and adapters. The modifications remove and replace three dongle cables with sockets. This results in improved signal quality for devices that do not need the extension cable.


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