TIVH08 Diff 800MHZ 1X/5X/10X/25X/50X/100X/250X/500X/1000X +/- 1kV

Products: TIVH08 Diff 800MHZ 1X/5X/10X/25X/50X/100X/250X/500X/1000X +/- 1kV


The Tektronix TIVM and TIVH Series IsoVu™ Measurement Systems offer galvanically isolated measurement solutions for accurately resolving high bandwidth, differential signals up to ±2500 V in the presence of large common mode voltages with the best in class common mode rejection performance across its bandwidth.• Bandwidths from DC to 1 GHz
• 100 Million to 1 (160 dB) Common Mode Rejection from DC up to 1 MHz
• 10,000 to 1 (80 dB) Common Mode Rejection at 1 GHz
• 60 kV peak Common Mode Voltage
• Up to ±2500 V Differential (DC + pk AC)
• Up to ±2500 V offset range
• Output clamping
• Safety certified
• DC and AC input coupling
• 16 Logic Channels with 80 ps Timing Resolution for Debug of digital and analog signals (MSO70000 Series only)


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