TLA5202B 68 Ch Portable Logic Analyzer

Products: TLA5202B 68 Ch Portable Logic Analyzer


The Tektronix TLA5202B is a 68 channel portable logic analyzer ideal for single-bus timing and state analysis that can be operated just as easily by novice users as well as experienced logic analyzer users.
The TLA5202B offers high-speed timing resolution, quick state acquisition, extended record length, and advanced triggering available, to digital designers who need to ascertain initialization failures, operation crashes, and intermittent operation. User-friendly features like an intuitive user interface, familiar Windows-based desktop, OpenChoice networking and analysis options, make the Tektronix TLA5202B one of the best choices to integrate into your design environment.
Confidently measure digital signal timing on increasingly faster signals with the 500 ps timing resolution and 32 Mb record lengths with simultaneous 125 ps MagniVu timing resolution within each acquisition. The MagniVu timing resolution feature of the TLA5202B helps you quickly identify challenging problems such as glitches, digital logic errors, setup/hold violations, and crosstalk.


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