TLA7016 6-slot Logic Analyzer Mainframe

Products: TLA7016 6-slot Logic Analyzer Mainframe


Features & Benefits:
Provides flexibility and expandability
Utilizes TLA Logic Analyzer or Pattern Generator Modules
Supports Up to 6,528 Logic Analyzer Channels, 48 Independent Buses
All Measurement Modules are Fully Interchangeable Between Portable and Benchtop Mainframes
Integrated View (iView) Capability Provides up to 15 GHz, 40 GS/s, and 64 Mb Analog Acquisition with a Stand-alone Tektronix TDS Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Microsoft Windows XP Professional PC Platform Provides Familiar User Interface With Network Connectivity
View Data in Waveform, Listing, Source Code, Histogram (Performance Analysis) Displays to Perform Cross-domain Analysis
Remotely control and monitor the TLA over the network using either hosted mode or via built-in Windows XP remote desktop
Remote Control Using Microsoft .NET and COM/DCOM Technology Supports Advanced Data Analysis
Broad Processor and Bus Support Applications
Hardware Debug and Verification
Processor/Bus Debug and Verification
Embedded Software Integration, Debug and Verification


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