TLA7AA4 136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module

Products: TLA7AA4 136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module


The TLA7AA4 Tektronix Logic Analyzer captures and displays signals from a digital circuit or system and is used to measure data like timing diagrams, protocol decodes, and machine traces.
Features and Specifications8 GHz timing
500 ps (2 GHz)/32 Mb Deep Memory Timing Analysis
128 Kb depth
120 MHz state
Up to 800 MHz State Acquisition Analysis of Synchronous Digital Circuits
Time Stamp-51-Bits at 125 ps resolution (3.25 days duration)
MagniVu Acquisition Technology gives up to 125 ps (8 GHz) Timing Resolution to find complex problems fast
Compression Probing System with 0.5 pF capacitive loadings eliminates the need for onboard connectors
Broad Processor and Bus SupportThe Tektronix – TLA7AA4 136 Channel Logic Analyzer is available for rent from Rentaltec


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