TLA7BB4 136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module

Products: TLA7BB4 136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module


The TLA7BB4 Series logic analyzer modules offer Tektronix MagniVu technology for providing high-speed sampling (up to 50 GHz) that dramatically changes the way logic analyzers work and enables them to provide startling new measurement capabilities. The TLA7BB4 modules offer high-speed state synchronous capture, high-speed timing capture, and analog capture through the same set of probes. They capitalize on MagniVu technology to offer up to 20 ps timing on all channels, glitch and setup/hold triggering, and display and time stamp that is always on at up to 20 ps resolution.136 channels (4 are clock, 4 are qualifier channels).68/102/136 channel logic analyzers with up to 512 Mb record length
Glitch and Setup/Hold triggering and display finds and displays elusive hardware problems
Transitional storage extends the signal analysis capture time for signals that transition infrequently
Simultaneous state, high-speed timing, and analog analysis through the same probe pinpoints elusive faults
Trace problems from symptom back to root cause in real time across multiple modules by viewing time-correlated data in a wide variety of display formats
Comprehensive PCI Express probing solutions, including midbus, slot interposer, and solder-down connectors
Modular mainframes provide flexibility and expandability
Broad processor and bus support


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