TLA7N4 136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module

Products: TLA7N4 136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module


The TLA7N4 logic analyzer module offers Tektronix’ breakthrough MagniVu™ technology for providing high-speed sampling (up to 2 GHz) that dramatically changes the way logic analyzers work and enables them to provide startling new measurement capabilities.

The TLA7N4 module offers high-speed state synchronous capture and high-speed timing capture through the same set of probes. It capitalizes on MagniVu technology to offer 500 ps timing on all channels, glitch and setup/hold triggering and display, and time stamp that is always on at up to 500 ps resolution.

The TLA7000 Series logic analyzer modules are ideal for timing analysis, multiprocessor/bus applications, and embedded software analysis.
For use with TLA700 series mainframes.
Features & Benefits
136 Channel Logic Analyzer with up to 8 Mb Depth
MagniVu™ Acquisition Technology Provides 2 GHz (500 ps) Timing Resolution to Find Difficult Problems Quickly
Up to 200 MHz State Acquisition Analysis of Synchronous Digital Circuits
Simultaneous State and High-speed Timing Analysis through the Same Probe Pinpoints Elusive Faults without Double Probing
500 MHz Deep Timing Analysis with up to 8 Mb Per Channel
Glitch and Setup/Hold Triggering and Display Finds and Displays Elusive Hardware Problems
Transitional Storage Extends the Signal Analysis Capture Time
Broad Processor and Bus Support
Full Range of General-purpose and High-density, Nonintrusive Probes


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