TLA7SA16 PCIe Logic Analyzer Module

Products: TLA7SA16 PCIe Logic Analyzer Module


The Tektronix TLA7SA16 PCI logic analyzer module belongs to the Tektronix TLA7SA7000 series. The TLA7SA7000 Series logic protocol analyzer modules belonging to this series provide an innovative approach to PCI Express validation that spans all layers of the protocol from the physical layer to the transaction layer. Feature rich software provides improved information density for viewing statistical summary and protocol analysis using innovative Transaction and Summary Profile windows. Hardware capabilities including hardware acceleration, OpenEYE, ScopePHY, and FastSYNC provide fast access to data and helps shorten the time it takes to build confidence in the test system. Powerful trigger and filtering capabilities provide the ability to quickly focus on the data of interest. A complete suite of probing solutions targeted for various form factors and applications.
Some of the key features of this Tektronix module include:
Physical Memory:
8 GB
160 M symbols per differential input
Comprehensive set of PCI express probing solutions, which include midbus, solder-down and slot interposer probes
Single-click calibration process to calibrate the analyzer and probes to the target BER
Front-panel LEDs to display status information


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