U2000A 18 GHz USB Power Sensor (-60 to +20 dBm)

Products: U2000A 18 GHz USB Power Sensor (-60 to +20 dBm)


Monitor more than 20 channels simultaneously with the Keysight U2000A USB power sensor. The U2000A has both internal and external zeroing capabilities to speed up testing and reduce sensor wear and tear. It is supported by the Keysight BenchVue software and BV0007B power meter/sensor control and analysis app. The software logs data without any programming and displays measurement results in a wide array of display formats.
This small, rugged, and lightweight Keysight power sensor comes with internal triggering capability and trace display for easy gate setup and supports internal/external trigger measurements.
Keysight U2000A Features and Specifications:
Frequency range of 10MHz to 18GHz
Wide dynamic range:
-60 to 20 dBm
N-type male connector, 50
Internal zeroing capability to eliminate external calibration
High measurement speeds:
Up to 250 readings per second
Shows power measurements on a PC or other Keysight instruments
The Keysight U2000A USB power sensor is available for rent at Rentaltec


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