U8488A 67GHz USB Thermocouple Power Sensor (-35 dBm to +20 dBm)

Products: U8488A 67GHz USB Thermocouple Power Sensor (-35 dBm to +20 dBm)


Improve your power measurement throughput with the Keysight U8488A 67GHz USB thermocouple power sensor. The U8488A offers high accuracy and stability to help you make average power measurements quickly and efficiently. With features such as broad frequency coverage, built-in trigger function, and internal calibration, the compact and portable U8488A power sensor helps you save time and reduce real-time measurement uncertainty.
This is the world’s fastest USB thermocouple power sensor, with a speed of 900 readings per second. It also performs functions such as S-parameter and gamma corrections to reduce almost any DUT error. The U8488A is best suited for applications such as PNA/MXG calibration and high-volume manufacturing.
Keysight U8488A Features and SpecificationsFrequency range:
10MHz to 67GHz
Connector type:
1.85mm (m), 50
Measurement speed for thermocouple sensor,:
> 900 readings/s (free run/fast buffer mode)
Best-in-class power linearity of less than 0.8 percent
Wide dynamic range:
-35 dBm to 20 dBm
Real-time measurement uncertainty (MU) feature
S-parameter and gamma corrections function
The Keysight U8488A 67GHz power sensor is available for rent or Purchase at Rentaltec


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