U8903A-200 Audio Analyzer

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The Keysight U8903A-200 is an audio analyzer that can provide two-channel analog and digital audio measurements for IC components, wireless, and consumer audio. The U8903A-200 allows users to simplify your testing environment with automatic tests and built-in test sequences. The U8903A audio analyzer provides the ability to characterize and meet audio quality standards and is code compatible with the HP 8903B audio analyzer.
Key Features and Specifications of the Keysight U8903A-200:

Analog and Digital Audio Analysis
Select generator, analyzer, graph and sweep modes with one-button access
Characterize signal-to-noise ratio, SINAD, IMD, DFD, THD N ratio, THD N level, crosstalk, and more
Apply weighting functions, standard filters and custom filters
View numerical and graphical displays of measurement results
2 in 1 screen (generator and analyzer in the same display screen)
5ppm frequency accuracy for generator and analyzer
/-1% amplitude accuracy for generator and analyzer
-101dB analyzer residual distortion noise at 20Hz to 20kHz
/-0.01dB signal flatness
Automation and communication interface:
LXI class C compliant
USB 2.0, LAN and GPIB connectivity
Code compatible with HP8903B


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