UXR0164A 4Ch 16 GHz, 128 GSa/s, Infiniium UXR Real-Time Oscilloscope

Products: UXR0164A 4Ch 16 GHz, 128 GSa/s, Infiniium UXR Real-Time Oscilloscope


Achieve industry-leading performance, ultra-low noise, and high signal fidelity for the fastest systems with the Keysight UXR0164A Infiniium UXR real-time oscilloscope.
The Keysight UXR0164A features extremely low noise floors, 10-bit high-definition ADC vertical resolution, femtoseconds of intrinsic jitter, deep memory, and hardware-accelerated processing for high-precision signal acquisition.
The UXR0164A is the perfect solution for digital and RF technologies and can effectively meet the toughest test-system challenges and requirements with its upgradability feature. It also includes high-speed SDA and clock recovery, user-defined functions, and an optional calibration module.
Keysight UXR0164A Features and Specifications:
Number of channels:
Maximum bandwidth:
Maximum sampling rate:
128 GSa/s
Input connector type:
Ruggedized 3.5mm male with AutoProbe II jack
Memory depth per channel:
200Mpts (standard) and 2Gpts (maximum)
Minimum input power required:
Input impedance:
50 ohmes, plus/- 3 percent
Vertical resolution:
10 bits, > 14 bits with averaging
Offset accuracy:
plus/- 1 percent of channel offset 1 percent of full scale
The Keysight UXR0164A Infiniium UXR real-time oscilloscope (four-channel, 16GHz, 128 GSa/s) is available for rent at Rentaltec


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