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RentalTec is your supplier for Sumitomo fiber optic splicing equipment rental. The leading manufacturer of fiber optic splicing devices Sumitomo is one of the largest fiber optic fusion splicing devices and cleaver manufacturers and also a supplier to Deutsche Telekom. Whether you are looking for a 3-axis core-centered fusion splicer, like the new Sumitomo T-72C + with Nano Tune, or T72-C or T-57, or a 2-axis V-groove device like the T-400S. The Sumitomo T-72M ribbon splicer is also available. Tested, serviced, with little splicing and guarantee, available immediately for rent. Cleaver like the FC8R-F, or FC6RS-C. Call us tel: +44158228873 or send an email to and we will propose an offer. Wether you are looking for replacement electrodes or in need of quality service, our workshop in Mechelen will help you out. RentalTec your partner for: Rent Sumitomo

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FTTH splicer - VNut Splicer - Vgroove Splicer

V-groove splicing devices, or 2 axes, are an inexpensive alternative to the core-centered 3-axis fusion splicer such as the Sumitomo T72C +. The Sumitomo T-400S is an inexpensive 3-axis splicing device for use in the field with the Cleaver FC-8R is a handy, light and robust splicing device and is significantly cheaper than the Sumitomo T72C +. Ask us for a favorable rate or a used fiber optic splicer Sumitomo t-400S : +44158228873 or

Ribbon Splicer Sumitomo T-72M12

The Sumitomo Ribbon splicer T-72M12 ribbon splice station splits a 12 fiber optic ribbon in one go. This also includes a cleaver such as the FC-8R. We have ribbon splicers available for immediate delivery. Also original electrodes, cleaver blades for FC8R-F or FC-6M and of course top quality service. Contact us: +44158228873 or