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Rental of optical measuring equipment

Optical measurement has many advantages. It is fast, has a high resolution and can be done without any touch. Would you like to rent an instrument for a certain period of time? Then please contact Rentaltec. Rentaltec is your experienced service provider for optical measurement technology. Rental of Opternus: Renting out an Opternus is possible for a short or long term. If you wish to rent an Opternus, Rentaltec will be pleased to help you. Rental of OSA: We offer a wide range of Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA) for short, medium or long term rental, in perfect condition and calibrated. If you wish to rent an OSA, please contact Rentaltec. Lease SiteMaster: Would you like to rent a Sitemaster for 1 year, 2 years or another period? Let us know, together we will find the ideal formula for your needs. Rentaltecpartner : Lease SiteMaster Contact Rentaltec / 0625 1861 4211 or email Rental of Fluke instruments: Rent one or more Fluke instruments for a few days, a few weeks or a few months. We have the right formula in our portfolio for you. Testing portable electrical equipment is crucial to ensure electrical safety in any workplace. These tests can be initiated by laws, standards, guidelines or requirements of insurance companies to ensure the health and safety of users. Fluke has the appropriate test equipment in stock for you. Contact us about your Fluke equipment rental needs and we’ll be pleased to help. Fluke rental ? => Contact Rentaltec by phone ( 0625 1861 4211) or e-mail Rental Argus: ARGUS 4 ADSL – ISDN – Troubleshooting and error analysis. The new ARGUS 260 all-in-one tester offers enhanced performance for testing broadband interfaces. This high quality multifunctional tester is excellently equipped for the expansion of future networks. You can rent your ARGUS tester from Rentaltec. For your local contact: 0625 1861 4211. Alignment of the antenna: Why use antenna alignment tools? When installing GSM/3G/4G or 5G base stations, antenna alignment is an important part. When planning the alignment, the installation of the antenna and ultimately the alignment is often made more difficult by various influences during installation. In the acceptance measurement, for example, increased values are determined or some KPIs are not achieved because the antenna is not optimally installed. These are problems that can be avoided by measuring during installation. The antenna alignment tool is used during installation to ensure that the antenna is correctly aligned based on the design. The world around your antennas is also constantly changing. With RF Vision and the appropriate measuring tools (Antenna Alignment Tools) you can record these changes. Growing tree lines, new buildings, etc. will influence your coverage targets. Only with RF Vision and the right measuring equipment (Antenna Alignment Tools) you can detect these obstacles and enable engineers to optimise the alignment of the antennas. Rental Fluke: Renting Fluke equipment for a couple of days, a couple of weeks or months, we have the right formula in our portfolio for you. With our very wide Fluke range we certainly have the right instrument in stock for you. Please contact us about your rental requirements and we will be pleased to help you. Renting a Fluke ? => Contact Rentaltec by phone ( 062518614211 ) or e-mail You can rent Fluke instruments for only 1 week at very competitive rates. Sumitomo Spare Parts: Do you need spare parts for your Sumitomo meter? We supply original and alternative spare parts for Sumitomo. If you cannot find your Sumitomo instrument or spare part, please contact us. We will be pleased to help you. Rentaltec , your partner for Sumitomo spare parts. Contact info : 062518614211 or Sumitomo Service: Do you have a Sumitomo machine and do you need service, spare parts or repairs? Please contact us, we will be pleased to help you. ( 062518614211 or ) Rentaltec is your partner: Sumitomo Service.

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