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Bensheim - Hannover - Nürnberg

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Upcoming dates


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Seminars by RentalTec

Theoretical and practical

RentalTec is able to provide its’ customer’s specialised training.
Concerning the most relevant and pertinent topics, such as the testing and installation of telecommunication networks.
This will involve the following subject matters:

  • Blowing of Fiber Cable
  • Splicing of Fiber Cable
  • Testing of Fiber Cable
  • Testing of Antennas and Cables
  • GPS Alignment of Antennas

All of our Seminars will be taking place within our geo-strategically located offices in Germany, Belgium and the UK.
Each seminar starts in the morning and ends approx. mid-afternoon.
The seminar incorporates both theoretical and practical elements.

Official partners

Seminars about specific topics

The seminar will be conducted by a mixture of independent consultants, and specialist trainers.

Only the leading brands/ manufacturers are utilised, such as the following: VIAVI, EXFO, Sumitomo, Fujikura, Jetting, Anritsu

Upon completion of the seminar, each participant will receive a participation certificate.

Our seminars are based around specific topics, for example:

  • Seminar involving Fiber Blowing Machines and Blowing Technology
  • Seminar involving Fiber Testing /OTDR and Fiber Basics
  • Seminar involving Cable- and Antenna Testing / GPS based Antenna Alignment