Flexible rental service

How does it work?

Rent2Buy is a bit the best of both worlds and was created to for our customers with a ‘buy-mindset’, to use the equipment right away, get familiar with it and decide later on. Buying test equipment can be a large investment and obviously needs some deliberate thoughts prior.

With this flexible service you can rent without any strict obligations.
Jetting V0HD Fiber Blowing machine with Logger: List price 12.000€. Rental period 12 months.
You pay 12 times 500.-€ which is a total of 6.000.-€.
After 12 months you can decide.
A – Takeover for a final rate of 6.000.-€ and the machines is yours.
B – Return without obligation.
C – Keep on renting included service with strong reduction of the monthly rate.
D – Exchange by a newer or other model and get an attractive offer.

Discover the benefits

We love to help our customers find the best solutions for test and measurement equipment, getting them up and running quickly and provide them multiple flexible rental options.
Whether you need equipment for short or long periods, need multiple devices at once or just a consumable – we always got you covered.

• 12-month rental use
• No obligations, you chose the outcome
• Upgrade easily
• Calibration & maintenance included
• Extended renting discounts