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RentalTec offers short, medium and long-term Rental Solutions for your Testing, Measurement and Commissioning needs. We specialize in providing test equipment solutions to the Telecom, Power and Industrial Installation. Maintenance markets, for a variety of applications including: FTTH, 4G and 5G, Data Centers, IOT, and Power.

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RentalTec & TRS-RenTelco Partnership

RentalTec has partnered with TRS-RenTelco, a worldwide leader in delivering Electronic Test Equipment solutions to the Aerospace & Defense, Semiconductor, and Telecom industries.  Through this partnership, RentalTec now offers you access to one of the largest state-of-the-art equipment pools in the world. Additionally, TRS-RenTelco maintains the status of Keysight “Premier Rental Partner”, and the benefits of this status have been extended to RentalTec customers throughout Europe.

RentalTec & TRS-RenTelco Partnership to serve: European Aerospace & Defence | Semiconductors | Telecoms R&D A.O. Markets

Europe can now also benefit from the Keysight “Premier Rental Partner” status of TRS-RenTelco.

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